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Nothing Going On Today

And next week — what with the big American holiday and all — isn’t looking much better. So how about I remind you that you have four weeks from tomorrow to get ready for 2011’s Feel Free To Talk To Me If I’m Wearing A Dinosaur Comics Shirt Day; from FFTTTMIIWADCSD [Facebook account required] declarer Ryan North¹:

If you’re single and you’d like to meet someone who maybe reads the same comic as you, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. If you’ve got one of [Ryan’s] shirts, wear it, and if you don’t have one, you can keep an eye out for someone who does! And if something awesome does happen, please email [Ryan] about it: it’d be totally amazing if everything works out.

Okay, so the problem is – what if you’re happily in a monogamous relationship or if you’re NOT looking for anyone or whatever? You can not wear your shirt on the special day, or if you do, you can politely let folks down easy as I’m sure you’re used to doing, and I say this because every reader of my comic I’ve ever met is attractive. Not even a joke there. It’s kinda crazy.

And please note that this is not “Feel Free To Be Totally Creepy Around Me, That’s Awesome Day”. This is just a day where [a] small group of clothing articles has been semantically overloaded for a self-selected group of people to say “Hey, talking to strangers can be hard, but here’s your opening, and here’s maybe a hint that I’m not against meeting someone new.”

So there’s that to look forward to. Also, pie. Mmmm, pie.

Edited to fix header image and also because how the hell did I miss Penny Arcade turning 13 years old today? You’re a frickin’ genius, Gary.
¹ Man-Moutain, Nexus of all Webcomics, yeah, yeah … not feeling the nicknames today. Sorry.

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