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Even E. B-White Approves When There Are Ducks Involved; Dude Loves Ducks Almost As Much As Marek

I kid, but Mr Snark was pretty well known for his dislike of infinite canvas — perhaps for the very reason that yesterday’s Octopus Pie update is so likely to not provoke his ire. It’s hard to do infinite canvas well, but when it is, when it’s necessary to get across the idea (as it is here), there’s nothing to match it. Meredith Gran remains at the top of her game, and among the very best comics artists in any channel at expressing the emotional state of her characters. I got chills reading it.

  • From the Business of Comics Desk: those creators looking to hop on the Square bandwagon may have a bit of a wait to do so. The mobile-device card-processing solution went and got itself featured on Marketplace last night, which is going to broaden awareness and possibly demand for the phone-dangling card-reading dongles and the cheap merchant services that come with it. While the appeal of Square has been obvious for those that want credit-processing ability outside of traditional storefronts — show vendors and suchlike — I wouldn’t be surprised to see small businesses and restaurants doing some back-of-the-envelope figures to decide if Square wasn’t better than their current merchant account. Hopefully, any scale-up in demand won’t be accompanied by growing pains.
  • Everybody remember Neil Cohn? Guy that does research into the perceptual experience of reading comics? It’s time for the latest round of surveys, so head on over The Monkey and let him know what you think. You might win stuff.
  • Mysterious tweets indicate that the long-rumored next project from Brad Guigar¹, apparently with the connivance and cooperation of Chris Giarrusso. Here’s what’s obvious: the project will launch tomorrow, on the website of Emerald City Comic Con and both creators have a history of capes-related, all-ages comics. Guess we’ll all find out tomorrow.
  • Last thought: proof of how TopatoCo is simultaneously subsidizing mail service in the Pioneer Valley, and also requiring extra manpower on their pickup route. A literal megabuck of postage expenditures in just over four years, and Christmas is still to come.

¹ Sorry ladies, he’s taken.

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