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A Cavalcade Of Wonders

Seriously, I marveled at each of these things.

  • For starters, can I give some props¹ to Danielle Corsetto? Every 200 strips, like friggin’ clockwork, she cranks out a book. Unlike most print comics, “waiting for the trade” doesn’t involve kicking around for half a year or more before the book becomes available — strip number that’s a multiple of 200 goes up, 10 or so weeks later the book’s solicited². Not only that, but the magic $20 price point is preserved, despite the fact that this book (volume 6, for those of you keeping score) is full color, where previous volumes were black & white.

    Operators are standing by (or would be, if the internet hadn’t destroyed all those operator jobs) to take your orders now. For future reference, this ups my current “must buy” list to … nine items from eight creators. Stop creating things, guys.

  • Speaking of black and white becoming color: years ago, before the gag became played out, Greg Dean wondered if making a comic would be a cool thing to do. Twelve years, one marriage, and one offspring later he has his answer: yeah, pretty much. Long time for the internet, twelve years. Long damn time.
  • The Machine of Deathiversary may have passed a few weeks back, but the official celebration for MoD turning a year old will take place the day after tomorrow with a blowout party in Los Angeles; with the acceptances for MoD2³ having gone out recently, the MoD Squad are undoubtedly breathing a sigh of relief that that particular enormous job is behind them (nearly 2000 submissions and literally millions of words had to be combed through).

    As an extra incentive for those unsure if an evening of uplifting frolic and cavortment are what you had in mind for Thursday, consider this: in addition to fun, in addition to a magic show, there will be fabulous prizes which you could possibly win … if you bring a nonperishable unit of food for the MoD Food Drive. Just … if your MoD card reads ANAPHYLAXIS, maybe you don’t bring a jar of peanut butter?

  • Last thoughts: Shelly Winters, absent from public view for more than two years, is not only back in a new adventure, she’s brought along my favorite almost-teen adventure-having schoolgirl, Charlotte. The next eight weeks are going to be magic.

¹ That’s what you kids say these days, right?

² The pedantic amongst you may note that this collection’s last strip was produced in July. However, note that Corsetto was involved in a store & hosting migration and site redesign in August, which explains the uncharacteristic delay.

³ Electric Deathaloo.

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