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Then Again, Eleven Is Inherently A Funnier Word Than Twelve

I hope everybody is having a sufficiently loud 11/11/11.

¹ Thanks to Thilini M (once “Snipergirl” on the old Goats forums, or more properly Doctor Snipergirl these days) for the linking.

I’ve noticed (and loved) the developments in Sinfest lately, but it somehow never occurred to me that it might be a sign of the strip winding down. Ishida may be feeling the Wattersons at this point, after over ten years.

oh gosh! Hai der :) :*)

Depression comix is great, isn’t it? I think it’s a really good set of comics to send to people who just don’t “get” depression.

And yeah, very very different from Sexy Losers (which he’s *sort of* restarted as “thin H line”-

I was totes sad about poor Allie/Hyperbole & a half and her sadnesses :(

Also, I check Fleen every now and then, and am always pleasantly unsurprised to see continuing awesomes :D

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