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Also, Please Engage In The Democratic Process

Note to all the robocallers that have plagued me this election season: I have kept a mental running tally of how many times each of you has bothered me. Whoever has the fewest Annoyed Gary tickmarks gets my vote.

¹ Approximately 75% of pledgers have opted for the 2nd tier reward, which includes a copy of the finished game at the $55 level (the first tier gets you nothing but good feelings, for a minimum of $1, so we’re really talking about the first reward tier). The thing is, most of the higher tiers predominantly distinguish themselves from the $55 tier by adding in more copies of the boardgame.

² It’s based around on providing unique and progressively more desirable rewards for more money, but this one opted for a quantity approach (mostly — mixed in with the additional copies are additional game contents that would otherwise not be available or available much later to the general public, so it’s really about quantity and time).

³ Which seems to be the place in Antarctica for webcomickry.

4 She kicks mens asses, and she votes.

Kickstarter boardgames are a different beast than Kickstarter books. Still, I don’t think you’re wrong on your personal model of what works and how. There’s one key caveat – audience.
If you have the built-in audience, you can break the rules of Kickstarter’s normal business model. Personally, I think that was a risk that I was not willing to take, so I went with the progressively desirable rewards, and had a fair bit of success with it.

Yeah, I was quite sad that the kickstarter model for their game was so… sub-par, compared to every other kickstarter offering I’ve seen. I suspect there is still plenty of an audience for it to succeed, of course, but it was unfortunate – I went in expecting to go for a higher tier, given the comic is something I very much am a fan of, but couldn’t bring myself to do so when I would basically get nothing out of it.

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