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Yikes, Late!

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

  • Sunday, I had the pleasure of Eric Colossal & Jess Fink’s company for fun, Thai food, and a quick recap on how her books are doing. It occurs to me: Jess will someday have another sexy book. Oglaf volumes will presumably continue if the first one does well. Top Shelf, TopatoCo, somebody needs to make a discount two-pack. This is something that needs to happen.
  • Speaking of sexy comics full of sexy times — new webcomic alert: erstwhile Bad Mile creator Tom Walker (who is not Christopher Baldwin and has nothing to do with Christopher Baldwin, pinky swear) has decided that sci-fi comedy is the genre to be in, and thus has started telling the tales of the SS Myra, wherein there is a spaceship and a promise that things is gonna get porny on Tuesdays from now on.
  • Have you noticed that Box Brown is collecting cartoons that he has submitted to and had rejected by the New Yorker? Because he totally is, and some of them are really good; others are really damn good.
  • Confidential to MH and KS: congrats. They know why¹.

¹ Maybe because they got married in the presence of dinosaurs? I used to think that my wedding was a pretty good time, but now I see that it was totally insufficient.

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