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Slow Network Plus Travel Day Equals Please Enjoy This Picture Of T-Rex In A Zeppelin

Also, as I prepare to make my way across the heartland, racing ahead of a friggin’ snowstorm (!), let me point you towards Irregular Webomic today. David Morgan-Mar¹ has been running guest strips for about two weeks, ever since the timelines got reset. It’s unusual enough a situation that I can’t recall it ever happening in IW, and as we’re at the end of the week I suspect we’re near the end of Guest Times as well.

The reason I wanted to bring all this up is because of the annotations in today’s update; usually it’s Morgan-Mar explaining about some point of math or physics, but today it’s a digression on the nature of creativity. It’s inspiring stuff and you should read it, but the short version might be fairly summarized as:

Want to create something? Stop telling me. Go do that.

Also, you should watch the wedding video linked in the post because it’s kind of awesome. Bonus points if you can figure out which ninja is Morgan-Mar.
¹ PhD, LEGO®™©etc.

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