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Frozen Fan Art And Television

Another day, another … actually, today is remarkably similar to yesterday. Not much “another” anything going on. Weird.

  • For those that missed the notice that Machine of Death 2¹ had a submission from Antarctica, some supporting details have been posted to the MoDblog. Not only did a story come from McMurdo Station, but the submitter had previously sent in a story from Afghanistan.

    Aside from frequenting sections of the planet that neatly demonstrate Tyson’s Antigaia Hypothesis², Erik Zimmerman is a firefighter. Apparently, going into innately hostile locales is not exciting enough for him as he then seeks to also be someplace innately hostile and on fire. I will bet you twenty dollars American cash money that Zimmerman’s own Machine of Death prediction card reads either ASLEEP AFTER A LONG AND HAPPY LIFE or EXPLODING BECAUSE THE WORLD CANNOT CONTAIN HIM, both of which beat mine4 hands down.

    Also at the MoDblog — news of a MoD-related 24 Hour Comic, and sample attribution text that MoD fanarters and other creative types may use to legally put their own spin on MoD stories. Go nuts.

  • We at Fleen have mentioned the work of Michael Jonathanminicomics with soundtracks; the entirely safe-for-work Eros, Inc — in the past, but he’s been running pretty low profile for a while. Today we found out why:

    I’ve been working as the showrunner’s assistant on this new show Good Vibes, which premieres on MTV this Thursday at 10:30pm (after new Beavis and Butthead). I even do a few voices in later episodes and I’m super proud of the show. I think it’s really great stuff, but if you don’t believe me you can watch the entire first episode online, mere days before it can be watched in real-time.

    Seems like there’s some good talent attached to Good Vibes even before you scroll down to Other Crew. Alas, the same crappy network speeds that are keeping me from catching up to the end of the latest chapter of Homestuck will keep me from this sneak preview. However, it’s possible that the hotel’s TV lineup includes MTV, which means I can catch it as it airs, following the finale of a frankly-disappointing season of Project Runway. It seems so long ago that Tim Gunn was commenting on Paul Southworth’s puking clown shirt design, doesn’t it?

¹ Death Harder.

² In which Neil DeGrasse Tyson attempts to refute the notion that the Earth is a nurturing, life-promoting orb that we should all be in perfect harmony with, by noting that if he were to randomly drop you “bare-assed naked”³ at a random point on the globe, you would almost certainly be dead 15 minutes later because the Earth not only doesn’t care about nurturing you, most of it will actively try kill you.

³ His words.


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