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Like Molasses, Only Not Delicious

Yep, slow network. How slow? The hotel’s wifi and wired internet remind me what life was like before that newfangled “DSL” got run to my condo in 1998.

  • It’s been a couple of weeks since I pointed out that Saveur magazine continues to run recipes from talented indy/webcomics creators, but no time like the present. Also, I’ve got some pretty good indications that the Recipe Comix series — once thought to be running for a dozen or so installments — can now be reliably described as “ongoing”, so we should have these for a good while yet.
  • Countdown to return: Erfworld is hiatusing to allow the artist, Xin Ye, to deal with some fairly awful things in her personal life right now:

    That’s the bad news. The consolation prize here is that Book 0 will begin on Halloween.

    I’ve always intended to write an illustrated prequel novel for Erfworld, dealing mostly with the fall of King Banhammer’s Faq. So why not now? NaNoWriMo is coming, right? Let’s pound that sucker out.

    So I will be posting updates of the new novel, “Inner Peace Through Superior Firepower,” three times a week on a M-W-F schedule, starting Monday October 31. It will be a rough draft, meaning that what goes up on the site may be subject to revision, editing, and retconjuration even as the story unfolds. It will be like getting 60 or so text updates in a row.

    Additionally, Erfworld creator/scripter Rob Balder reports that they’re adding an inker and colorist, to allow Ye to work up pencils as she’s able, meaning:

    Once the novel has finished running, we will have a buffer and a new process worked out, so that in the future, Erfworld can run on a much smoother update schedule.

    Erfworld remains one of the long-form webcomics that really works well, so anything that allows Balder and Ye to produce it more efficiently sounds like a good idea to me. I can fill the pictures in my head on my own for a while if that’s what it takes to get past this rought patch.

  • Speaking of Halloween, everybody been following the creeptacular watercolors that Randy Millholland‘s been doing? Start here and click forward; originals for sale soon.
  • Speaking of for sale, you can now safely channel the thought process of Joey Comeau and/or Ryan North in the comfort and convenience of your own home, most likely in your kitchen. It is claimed that these magnets will allow one to spell out Batmanology, although it’s probably safe to say that one webcomics-related gentleman would prefer to know if you can spell Batmanlogist.
  • Speaking of … oh, hell, just go check out MS Paint Adventures for the end of Act Five of Homestuck; it’s the culmination of more than a year’s worth of weirdness, and due to the sheer size of the the thing you’ll have to wait in the download queue¹ because that many people want it and when you see a line that long, you get in it.

¹ Due to the state of the network where I am, I will likely not be able to complete the download until this weekend when I return to the land of plentiful bandwidth.

MSPA End of Act has been returned to the site that spawned it, although technically it is actually being hosted by Newgrounds. More factoids about the hosting problems, the workarounds and the act itself can be found on Andrew Hussie’s tumblr:

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