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This May Be One Of Those Irregular Weeks

Work, customer site, unknown web access, etc. So let’s point out a few things from the recent past and one in the immediate future.

  • Never one to pass up a chance to make his audience suffer just a little¹ Brad Guigar announced out his 2000th Evil, Inc strip with an indulgence of his paronomasiac tendencies:

    Believe it or not, today marks the 2,000th Evil Inc strip. Time flies when you’re havin’ pun!

    Bad Brad, bad, bad! Leaving aside the inflicted punishment², one must note that Evil, Inc. came directly out of Greystone Inn, meaning that the 2001 (as of today) EI strips are actually part of more than 3000 strips in a single continuity. Respect.

  • Although I make it habit to check in on Colleen Doran‘s blog on a regular basis (her thoughts on independent comics creation and the business side thereof are required reading), I missed her State of the Webcomic report of two weeks ago until this morning — thanks to Jamie Noguchi for linking to it. Doran talks about the progress of her readership, her books sales, and the path she took to get there on the web, for the past two and a half years. It’s a terrific discussion of how making the nonstandard choice can pay off.
  • Finally, bunnies. Jon Rosenberg designed the bunnies and the print, Chris Yates did the puzzle-cutting. On sale in about 3.5 hours, guessing they’ll be gone in about four hours.

¹ Either that, or he’s going for the masochist yet family-friendly demographic.

² Dammit now he has me doing it.

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