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Births, Impending And Otherwise

Actually, one of these items has nothing to do with a birth, and one is as much about compound plurals as births. Let’s all agree to deal with that inconsistency as best we can.

  • For those of you wondering, it will soon be possible to have Beartato, T- and Wee-Rexes, Doctor McNinja, Yelling Bird, and various-sized Worribles (cf: here, here, here, and here for the existing spherical friends) over to your house for tea. The bouncy pile o’ plush at the next NEWW is gonna be awesome.
  • Speaking of NEWW, that last photo contains Erika Moen next to the Tower of Squishy Fun. Transitively speaking of Erika Moen, she contacted us to point out a factual error in yesterday’s post — despite what we at Fleen¹ wrote, Moen did not attend Pacific University. She was graduated from Pitzer College, one of the famed Claremont Colleges, which I should have remembered because I almost went to Harvey Mudd and then me ‘n’ Erika coulda been almost-college buddies which would rule. But I didn’t, and I got it wrong. Fleen² regrets the error.
  • Speaking of T-Rex (up above), did you know that today is the anniversary of the birth of Ryan North³? Speaking of today being an anniversary of birth, did you know it’s also the birthday of John Allison? Fleen wishes Happy Birthdays to them both. Or would that be Happys Birthday? Happy Birthsday? Ryan, we need a ruling here before language loses all meaning.

¹ That would be me, but “me at Fleen” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

² Me again.

³ The Toronto Man-Mountain; need proof of his enormity? Check out this photo from the Wikipedia page dedicated to him and note the caption: 20 October 1980. Like unto some Olympian of olde, North was born fully grown, complete with lustrous mane, three-day stubble, and a leather jacket.

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