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Four AM EMS Calls, Will I Ever Get Tired Of You?

Yes. Yes, I will. So tired.

  • Hurricane Erika got to live the dream last week and go back to her alma mater as a speaker; I’ve done the go-back-to-campus-for-a-reason¹ thing and I have to tell you — it rules. Professors that you always wanted to make proud are, those that you disliked with the fury of a thousand exploding suns can’t stand that you’ve achieved success², and everybody from the administration is really nice to you.

    In Moen’s case it was as an invited speaker on gender identity and “probably some dick jokes too”, which meant talking about the sorts of things that always came up in DAR! when it ran. Since I couldn’t make the talk (and Moen’s never not a funny, engaging speaker), it’s fortunate for all of us that she posted the video online. Be sure to stick around for th Q&A at the end.

  • Speaking of multiple media, have you see the Kickstarter for A Nerd of Advice? ANoA is to be a podcast on that most unusual of things in the modern internet age, etiquette. It’s the brainchild of Sara “The Girl” McHenry and TopatoCo secret weapon/Vice President of Being Mom to the Whole Damn Internet Holly Post.

    In my experience, Post and McHenry are charming people, quick with their thoughts, and sure to elevate you from a person of Bad Habits and Circumstances to somebody nearly fit to be part of a polite society. People, the dominant reward from Kickstarter donations is a set of thank you notes. Help stop the gradual slouching of our nerd culture towards complete ruination — pledge.

  • Speaking of common courtesy, Marvel comics did us all a solid by engaging in some unusual behavior. One may recall that Kate Beaton made some hilarious contributions to Marvel’s Strange Tales I & II anthologies³. One may also recall that Beaton’s presently in the midst of an extensive book tour in support of her latest tome, which has left her with little time to do new comics. So Marvel gave her the okay to share some of her work for them, which is typically not something that they would do. Behold: Kraven the Hunter at the Prom, with a bonus in the form of Beaton’s contribution to Nursery Rhyme Comics from :01 Books.
  • Thank you to Matthew I, who sent a correction to the URL for The Water Clock in the comments of yesterday’s post. We regret the error, and the appropriate link has been fixed.

¹ Recruiting.

² Their tears are delicious.

³ Including some in collaboration with Nick Gurewitch.

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