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Not going to lie to you, there’s few better ways for a hack webcomics pseudojournalist to start the day than with a link from The Spurge. Although it doesn’t hurt that as soon as I’m done with work I get to spend some time with my peeps¹ at NYCC, then I’m meeting Jorge Cham after the screening of PhD: The Movie at UMDNJ tonight². The things I do on work nights for you people.

So since it’s gonna be a busy evening of webcomickry (also hopefully booze), let’s point you at a few things and call it good:

  • Softcover Abominable Charles Christopher! 50 sketch editions available! Pre-order now for mid-November shipping! The economical alternative to the sold-out hardcover which is probably only available at usurious prices on eBay!
  • Know whose projects always catch my eye? Larry ‘mckenzee’ Holderfield, because anybody that could pull off a mixture of the Eddas and Cthulhu in woodcuts or “an exploration of the recent travails of Nepal and the Nepalese royal family, depicted as furries” deserves your attention. Listen up, peoples:

    I have declared February 11th, the most 42nd Day of the Year, to be Robotmas, in honor of the original BBC airing of R.U.R., the very first televised science fiction program ever, on February 11, 1938. It being the 42nd day of the year is a coincidence, I’m sure.

    There is a website in the offing and I’m hoping to entice my webcomicky friends to play along.

    ROBOTMAS: Celebrate Accordingly!

    If there’s one thing we at Fleen do, it’s engage in various actions accordingly.

  • Hot on the heels of his various reboots of DC properties, Aaron Diaz³ has found himself on the other end of the creative exercise: DC (the comics company) have proposed a reboot of DC (Diaz’s Dresden Codak). I particularly love their carefully-considered descriptions of the female characters:

    Kim’s just coming out of her shell, so she’s not quite as strongly dressed as the other ladies here, but she’ll come around.

    Alina’s usually dressed like her twin brother Dmitri, but because of her stripper past (a new backstory we’ve added) she’s more confident in herself and dresses like a strong female supporting character should.

    Since she’s probably a D-cup, Vonnie’s the strongest female character Dresden Codak has to begin with.

    If there’s one thing that the world needs, it’s more strong female characters, so here’s hoping that Diaz takes the offered redesigns to heart and incorporates the new Kim, Alina, and Vonnie into his current storyline.

¹ Is that a thing you kids still say? I’m not implying that I will be spending time with delicious sugar-coated marshmallow treats that can be made to fight to the death in a household microwave.

² Although listed as being at/for the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, the Q&A appears to be hosted by the Rutgers Graduate Student Association. This is because the UMDNJ Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is affiliated with the Rutgers Graduate School via the Joint Molecular Biosciences Graduate Student Association. Aren’t you glad you asked about Garden State educational politics? In any event, 6:00pm tonight, multipurpose room at the Busch Campus Center in Piscataway.

³ The Latin Art- … oh, hell, you know the gag by now.

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