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Several Pieces Of Advice For You

The Rules:

  1. Consider keyboards to have a definite lifespan and discard them without question at the end of that period
  2. If you disregard item 1, never, ever wonder why the spacebar on your twelve year old keyboard has suddenly failed; discard the keyboard without question
  3. If you disregard items 1 and 2, never, ever pry up the spacebar to see if it’s something you can fix; what lurks beneath your view is a horror that should never be unleashed, yea, like unto a nightmare that eldritch horrors from outside time have when they can’t sleep¹

So, new keyboard, nice action, bunch of time wasted today so I’m behind². Thus, let me direct you to people from Webcomicdom that are off bein’ smart:

  • From the far reaches of the SMBC Media Empire, Kelly and Zach Weinersmith³ have got themselves a podcast wherein they Do Science To It. All manners of science, all manners of it, they wanna have a conversation and make you more clever in the process. The Weekly Weinersmith episode 1 launched yesterday, and I believe we’ll see them on iTunes and Stitcher in the immediate future — possibly in time for episode 2.
  • From the far reaches of time, Jennifer Babcock (cf here, do yourself a favor and ignore the comment thread) has made a fortunate habit of working far ahead on C’est La Vie, because she’s gonna spend the next couple of month in Egypt digging up stuff [o permalink, but the announcement is currently on her main page]. Babcock’s perhaps the only person that occupies the middle bit of the Venn diagram that overlaps “Webcomics Creators” and “Egyptologists”.

    I’ve read some of her research and it’s really cool how she’s found things that are essentially comics-as-popular-art from ancient Egyptian times (and no, we’re not talking tomb and temple hieroglyphics). The closest description of them is they’re ceramic plaques that function like McCloud’s Five Card Nancy deck. Comics! Plus, I was able to have a really cool discussion over lunch with her once about ancient Greek ostraka and I knew what those were because of Larry Gonick’s Cartoon History of the Universe. There’s nothing comics can’t do.

¹ Seriously, it was gross.

² Also, I am possible never eating again. Ick.

³ Heh, heh, they said weiner.

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