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Incident[al] In Cedar Forest

It occurs to me that it’s been a while since I had occasion to mention The Abominable Charles Christopher; after a certain point, noting that Karl Kerschl did a drop-dead gorgeous strip again this week just becomes a bit repetitive. But sometimes KK and/or CC make you pay attention, as happened with yesterday’s update.

I believe that I’ve mentioned before that one of the great things about Charles Christopher is the multiplicity of side stories that run in parallel to the main storyline of our favorite big-hearted ape-man. Considering that you’ve got the Story of Vivol and Moon Bear, the owl and the owlet and the crazy owl uncle, the bird that just wants to be a good father and husband, the cockroach therapist and/or analyst¹, and various love stories involving various smaller critters, you’ve got more intersecting storylines than anybody this side of David Morgan-Mar².

Then we have Sissi Skunk; she’s been in the background since the very beginning (within the second month of the strip, in fact), and as we’ve seen for quite a while, she’s into perhaps some very bad things³.

Every once in a while, Kerschl comes back to Sissi’s interactions (or more precisely, the interactions of her business interests) with the denizens of the forest; increasingly, those interactions have been noted by Luga. Luga’s the James Gordon of Cedar Forest, the honest cop who knows that something’s up and is going to get to the bottom of it. But he’s hampered by corruption and has reached the point of betryal by his comrades. Blood will be spilled, and if Luga comes through it, he’ll have even bigger problems.

It’s the depth of these incidental characters and their stories that make Charles Christopher’s world feel so richly realized; even with the protagonist away since the beginning of the strip, life in the Cedar goes on and the wicked and the weary continue their lives and narratives in his absence. And Luga, who just wants there to be justice in Cedar Forest, deserved to have his narrative noted now that it’s maybe come to an end.

¹ I call him “Tobias”.

² PhD, LEGO®™©etc.

³ Although, to be fair, she also brings you Squirrel-Chew.

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