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Massive Work Downloads: Complete

Nonzero bandwidth for other purposes: restored.
Time: way late.
Conclusion: short update, regarding books.

  • Book the First: Scott C launches his latest, Amazing Everything, tomorrow in conjunction with APE this weekend. He’s celebrating with a party at 111 Minna Gallery (located conveniently at 111 Minna Street) in San Francisco from 7pm to 10pm tomorrow. If you’re in the mood for more Scott (and who wouldn’t be?), he’ll also be speaking tomorrow afternoon at the Academy of Art (540 Powell Street) from 3:30 to 4:30.
  • Book the Second: Production continues apace on the first print collection of everybody’s favorite online comical erotica smut, Oglaf¹. Need proof? Peep the twitternouncment of TopatoCo maximum leader Jeffrey Rowland, or the picture attached thereunto. Even on the cover of a book wherein he’s arguably the most commonly-depicted character, poor Ivan is still the buttmonkey²

¹ Need we point out that if any link to Oglaf is safe for your work, you work someplace awesome?

² Or the rubbish tiger, as the case may be.

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