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Three And Holding

Three major challenges today, that is, which pretty much erupted in the first half-hour after waking up. Since then it’s just been a normal Monday, for certain values of normal¹.

  • And that’s all before considering that it’s Talk Like A Pirate Day. I don’t hold much truck with this holiday; to me, 19 September will always instead be It’s Anniversary!² But dadnugget³ Crumbs has gone and made TLAPD actually valuable. Yarrgh.
  • Ultimately, though, there are two words that will redeem any bad times, even a Monday-Squared:



  • In other news, Jim Zub took time out from kicking ass and skulls with the funnest comic book on the racks presently to drop me a mysterious little email:

    Hey Gary,
    Check this out:

    Keep your eyes on it… it’s gonna be a beaut.

    Those of us that remember Zub’s first comics work, The Makeshift Miracle (which launched, oh, about ten years ago) are rightfully intrigued by this turn of events and one-week countdown. Might there be a relaunch? Remastered art? Further adventures? The mind reels, and quite frankly anything that he throws at us, I’m gonna be thrilled. Hooray!

  • New Recipe Comix, this time from John Allison as Mildred and Lottie explore Toads and Holes and demystify one of those terribly British dishes that I never knew what it was and was scared to look at too closely. But Lottie and Mildred wouldn’t steer me wrong, no matter how angry-eyed those smash potatoes are.
  • Last thoughts for today — as teasered in the Before Times (i.e.: ten days ago), Shaenon Garrity (Radness Queen of some appropriate Geologic Feature and Nexus of all Webcomics Realities that don’t involve the Toronto Man-Mountain) has dropped some wisdom regarding Kickstartering for you today over at The Comics Journal. All who plan to use the microfinance service would do well to read it carefully.

¹ For example, Phillip informs me that the WordPress weirdness I encountered last week may recur for a period of time this week, as different projects get migrated/consolidated on his various back-end servers. Also, the latest WordPress update has shifted my editing window to a really small, console-like typeface, which I kind of like. But it’s different, and on a Monday, so it gets brought up.

Also, what is up with Flaco’s cleavage in today’s Sheldon? That’s just … disturbing.

² Happy second anniversary, David and Maggie.

³ It’s not Estradarama, either, because Ryan Estrada is too busy trekking across South America.

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