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Things That I Don’t Have Time To Explore Right Now Dammit

Gaaahhhh. Busy.

  • J Grant, one half of the creator pair behind Two Lumps, has written a story that nobody wanted to publish so he’s all Screw it, up on the web and pay what you like [PDF]. I’ve liked very much the things that Grant has written and I have read; perhaps this will occupy me on the long, late flight home from Vegas tomorrow.
  • Brad, Dave, and Kris, in addition to being three quarters of the hottest boy band ever the Halfpixel webcomicking posse, used to do a reasonably regular podcast. Busy schedules (seriously Guigar was away on vacation for like 75% of the summer, I thought he’d been elected to Congress), a head cold (Scott Kurtz), and frustrating audio woes tried their best to delay any new releases of Webcomics Weekly, but have failed. Maybe I’ll be able to listen to this one [MP3] on the long, late flight home from Vegas tomorrow.
  • Oh man does this look pretty. It won’t be out in time for my long, late flight home from Vegas tomorrow, but oh well — I would wait any amount of time for The Anime Club.

Okay, about 30 seconds until have to go sit in meetings all day. Perhaps for breakfast I’ll have some delicious, nutrifying bacon. Or is that horrifying? I always mix those two up.

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