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Meetings, Bloody Meetings

Actually, it would be more accurate to say “Seminars, Bloody Seminars”, or “Presentations, Bloody Presentations”¹, but those wouldn’t let me invoke John Cleese, now would they? So busy today.

  • Per the comments, Box Brown pointed out correctly that he was not the only repeat winner in this year’s Ignatz AwardsJoe Lambert won for both Outstanding Anthology or Collection and Outstanding Artist. Fleen regrets the oversight.
  • Stripped keeps doing notable things, and there’s still a week left in the Kickstarter campaign (as of this writing: 140% funded). Today it’s an open call for creative types to participate:

    We’re extending a worldwide “open call” to independent, freelance, or small-team animators, to produce very short segments for the feature-length documentary, STRIPPED.

    Over 50 animators have already submitted samples, before we even asked for work. …It kinda blew us away, frankly! But we’d like to formalize that process, to better review everyone’s work, and compare apples to apples.

    There’s instructions how to submit on the Kickstarter page, with submission requirement #3 being particularly interesting:

    Your requested rate for 10-, 30-, or 45-seconds of animation

    Wait, rate? Let’s check the FAQ:

    Q: Is this a paid job?
    A: Yes.

    Well, that’s pretty unambiguously (especially considering how much, much larger and funded entities keep trying to get creative types to work for free exposure), and ties in nicely with Meredith Gran’s rule for promoting the careers of women²:

    Pay them. No, seriously. Pay them with money.

    The movie just got a whole bunch more interesting (and it looks like this development was driven by creators wanting to participate, sending in their offers to work before there was a call for them), as I don’t think this direction was part of Freddave Kellett-Schroeder’s original plan. Can’t wait to see what the animators of the world come up with.

Okay. Time for eight hours of presentations with no cell coverage in the basement level of a casino meeting facility. Joy.

¹ Sadly, no chance of “Symposia, Bloody Symposia”, given that the original definition of “symposium” was “drinking party”.

² Equally applicable to any under-represented group — especially those just starting out in their fields.

Thanks for the mention, Gary! It’s FANTASTIC to be back making webcomics again. :)

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