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So Dustin Harbin hosted the Ignatz Awards were held over the weekend at SPX, and the signature bricks went to a variety of talented creators, with a healthy showing by webcomickers.

As widely expected, Kate Beaton continued her metaphorical march to the sea of cartooning, burning and pillaging all in her wake, and taking the brick for Outstanding Online Comic. I’ma go out on a limb and say they should just set one aside for next year’s awards for the best collection or reprint or whatever the most appropriate category might be¹ for her new collection from D&Q. The darn thing sold out almost immediately and I have a first-hand account that Beaton’s signing line was “redonkulous”.

The Ignatz for Promising New Talent (which award in the past has gone to people as distinguished as Carla Speed McNeil, Nick Bertozzi, Derek Kirk Kim, Andy Runton, Hope Larson, and Sarah Glidden) went to Darryl Ayo [Brathwaite] (sometimes he uses the surname, sometimes not), who I had the pleasure of talking with last year at … was it NEWW? I think it was NEWW. Focused, clever young man, lot of future success to be had. I think there’s a lot of interest in his comics work today, as one of his sites is down, presumably from over clicking.

Meanwhile, Box Brown was the night’s only repeat winner, taking two bricks for Outstanding Mini Comic (Ben Died of a Train) and Outstanding Series (Everything Dies). Brown’s quickly become webcomics’ most prominent explorer of eschatological topics, and it’s nice to see him recognized for both a personal reflection of a death and the polar extreme of trying to examine beliefs of what happens to all of us in death.

And keeping on the Box Brown theme for just a moment longer, his Retrofit Comics imprint has released its first monthly comic, James Kochalka’s Fungus, which got a writeup at the AV Club today. Box Brown’s on a roll, and all you can do is get out of the way, or grab hold and hang on for dear life.

¹ Also a Harvey, an Eisner, a Shuster, and every other comics award.

Whoops! Thank you for the acknowledgement, sir.

My site LittleGardenComics is down due to my misadventures in programming. I am in the process of moving material to for perpetuity.

Thank you!

Didn’t Joe Lambert win two also?

[…] the comments, Box Brown pointed out correctly that he was not the only repeat winner in this year’s Ignatz […]

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