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By The Way, Updates Will Be Weird Next Week

I’m headed to one of my not-favorite places on earth, Las Vagrus, Nevadruh¹, a place I can generally tolerate for about 72 hours. I’ll be there from tomorrow through next Friday. Anyway, between an extensive work schedule and time zones, expect postings to go up late. I know, you’re strong and will muddle through somehow. With any luck, I can use the plane ride to get enough re-reads of Amulet 4 in that I’ll be able to do a proper review. Short version: Wow.

  • Submitted without comment, via Bernie Hou‘s twitterfeed:

    Of all the–…? My If You See Something, Say Something print on @topatoco got cease & desisted by the MTA

    Sorry for all the millions I was costing you, MTA! Now that I’ve taken it down, you can lower your fares right

    Okay, one comment: the now-evaporated print was done from this comic, re-done with the assistance of the lovely Carly Monardo as the foreground model, and fortunately can never be seen by anybody ever again.

  • Anniversary Desk: The Exclamationverse! (which presently consists of four separate, linked strips, plus one reimagining) hit 14 years old yesterday, based on a premiere date of 8 September 1997 for Roomies! And based on a 9 September 2001 launch, Wapsi Square turns ten years old today. Put Paul Taylor and David Willis together and you have webcomics experience that’s been old enough to drink for three years already. Well done, guys.
  • This looks intriguing. Shaenon Garrity² is going to do a presentation on Kickstarter at the Alternative Press Expo the first weekend of October in San Francisco. I’ll be at my niece’s wedding in New York, so I’m going to have to miss out on what promises to be a wealth of good information, particularly considering that Garrity may still hold the record for pledge amount/contributor ratio (at the time of that posting, about US$92 per pledger; final ratio just over US$76 each). If you’ve used Kickstarter to good effect, she’d like to hear from you — drop her a message via the tweets machine.

¹ Partially due to my severe allergies to excessive neon and arbitrary noise, partially because it was never better described than when Frank called it de hypocritical Jeezis-jerknuh parodise.

² Radness Queen of the East Bay and Nexus of All Webcomics Realities, North American Cordillera division.

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