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Know What We Haven’t Done For A While? Mailbag

Does mail still come in bags? I keep hearing that the Postal Service here in the US is on the verge of nonexistence, so maybe soon there won’t be any mailbags except in the metaphorical sense.

  • Following up on yesterday’s mention of convention codes of conduct, Fleen Publisher and Impressario-General Phillip Karlsson¹ emailed me to point out that this discussion is taking place in other communities. For those that want to see how the Perl coder community is discussing standards of conduct, make with the clicky.
  • Also following up on yesterday’s mention of indy/webcomic-themed conventions in general, Rebecca Viola emailed me a bit ago to mention a newcomer to the con circuit:

    We thought you would be interested in hearing about our second annual comics show. Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE) is back and has a fabulous new website with tons of information about panels and new comic debuts! The show will be held Saturday, Sept 24 and is open to all ages with free admission.

    You thought right, Rebecca, and given the short duration, all-ages orientation, and free admission, I’d say that MICE is helping fill a niche that’s really only served by TCAF at present. I’ve spoken with some people that were at the inaugural MICE last year and they all had good things to say about it; if you’re in the New England area and are looking for creators the likes of Christopher Baldwin, Alexander Danner, or various TopatoCosters (not to mention what looks like a bunch of up and comers — people that we’re all going to be talking about in a few years time), make your way to Cambridge on 24 September.

  • Speaking of things timed around cons, Kel McDonald wrote to tell me about an undertaking launching just after SPX:

    Right after SPX, Spike, Diana, myself, Lin Visel, and a few others are running this Tumblr contest. It’s kinda like the Ironman Challenge but with a time limit.

    Kel was hoping that I’d get my ass in gear soon enough to help promote the SketchBet so that there’d be plenty of participants, but her email came in during my Irene-prompted downtime. No matter, as the contest is full up with participants, so we can sit back and watch the fun roll in starting 17 September. See you there.

  • Not email, but too cool to keep to myself: readers of this page may recall that I loves me some A Girl And Her Fed³, and I particularly love the character of Mr Speedy, a genetically-modified, ultra-rightwing, chlamydia-infested, viciously sarcastic koala. In case I didn’t have enough dick jokes in my life, I will soon be able to have a plush Speedy to prompt my recollection of his choicest word-bombs. Warning: they’re salty.

¹ For newcomers, Fleen is service² of Phillip’s company, Dumbrella Hosting (which also hosts a series of high-quality webcomics as well as Oh No Robot and Project Wonderful. He makes sure that everything on the site works, leaving me to be the vaguely entertaining blog-monkey, and the deal is that in return for churning out the word count, he buys my drinks anytime we’re in the same place. Given that he lives in Rhode Island and I live in New Jersey, and that my liver is not nearly as debased as his, this does not put an excessive crimp in his booze budget.

² Possibly even a public service ernouncemint.

³ Rumor has it that I may have written the foreword to the first AGAHF print collection, coming soon.

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