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Long Day Full Of Travails

I’m not going to say that somebody literally snuck poo bugs into my food, but I’m not saying that they didn’t, either. It’s been that kind of day. Quickly, then:

  • Not specifically webcomics, but worth your attention: Jessica Hische (creator of the justly-famed Should I Work For Free? flowchart) has a thought-provoking essay on pricing your work. It’s written from the standpoint of a designer, but you can easily translate most of what it says to any independent creator-driven environment.
  • On the horizon: Webcomicscon, first weekend of October (I’ll be at my niece’s wedding), in Norwalk, CT. First thing I noticed on their homepage is something you don’t normally see on con sites: a Code of Conduct, which looks pretty good. But might I make a suggestion that some variation of Wheaton’s Law be included as a numbered item, and a declaration that creepy, stalkery, unwanted-touchy people are not to be tolerated? I’ve seen people with no sense of personal boundaries at enough cons that, sadly, such an explicit statement of what should be minimally decent human conduct is necessary.
  • Speaking of cons, webcomics überfan Michael Kinyon pointed me (and thus I point you) towards DigiCon, the virtual convention for those that can’t travel to cons. Interesting idea, curious to see how it works out, although scheduling it against SPX was probably not the best date they could come up with.

[…] Article on how to price your work Original Source: Jessica Hische – Found via: Fleen […]

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