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I Call For Unrestrained Panic; Seconded?

Since we’re all going to die in an East Coast Apocalyptoquake, I’m about to head down to the End Times Bunker and make sure that looters haven’t gotten into the beans. In the meantime, earthquake vet Raina Telgemeier would like us to know what a real damn earthquake is like. Hopefully, her comics will serve to buoy our spirits while we rebuild from the devastation.

Speaking of devastation, I’m on my second re-read of Zahra’s Paradise, a review copy of which was thoughtfully sent to me by the good folk of :01 Books, and devastating is the only word I have to describe it at the moment. I’m going to need some more time to absorb before I do a formal review but for now, suffice it to say that this is a book that leaves you feeling raw. For those of you following along online, there are only a few pages left, and then the book drops on 13 September, just as the last page goes online.

[…] should be well familiar with Zahra’s Paradise from :01 Books, which launched back in 2010 and saw print eighteen months later; for those who are new around here, it’s the work of semi-anonymous political exiles […]

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