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Grumble, Grumble, Dealing With Bozos Today

That’s not fair — like the man sang, Bozo was a freakin’ genius [NSFW lyrics, depdending on where you W]. These people causing me headaches, they’re no Bozos. Let’s focus on some people that could very well fall into the freakin’ genius category and call it a day.

  • Awards updates — Kate Beaton was at a wedding, but that didn’t stop her from winning the Harvey Award for Best Online Comics Work (page to be updated Real Soon Now, no doubt) at Baltimore Comic Con. And Kaja & Phil Foglio (with colors by Cheyenne Wright); made it three for three and remain the only people to ever win a Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story. Congrats to Beaton, the Foglios, and Wright.
  • The Modern Humor Authority (by Kris Straub) is gone and its domain squatted for good (no link, but I understand it offers a plethora of information about training to be a phlebotomist¹), but nothing that analytically brilliant ever completely goes away. Humor Authority is Straub’s new podcast on the theory and application of what’s funny with Straub and people who commit acts of humor in public on a regular basis — the first episode is now live, with Axe Cop/Bearmaggedon (co-)/creator Ethan Nicolle; it’s a wide-ranging and smart conversation (I keep thinking of Inside the Actors Studio), and I can’t wait to see who else goes into the chair. The best thing I can say about this still-nascent conversation series is that it entirely avoids the famous EB White² aphorism about the analysis of humor³.
  • Not that long ago, the notion of “game related to webcomic” was a rarity. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen an Axe Cop expansion to Munchkin and a campaign to make a piratey boardgame, and now a new Kickstarter for a new card game. Difference — instead of being inspired by webcomics work, or the work of a webcomics creator, Borogrove is a card game that first appeared as a game within Kory Bing’s Skin Deep, and now might make the leap to actually being A Thing.

    Actually, that “might” is a bit more tentative that it should be, considering we’re three (3) days into the 30 day campaign and Bing has already raised (as of this writing) US$4459 of the $5500 required (or 81% of goal in 10% of time). I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the 500 decks are going to be made, and maybe a few extra. Those interested can check out the rules for Borogrove here.

  • Side note: I picked up Gunnerkrigg Court Volume 3: Reason at my local comic shop last week, which led to an obsessive re-reading of all three books (and shortly, the couple of chapters since the third volume). Damn, Tom Siddell knows how to plant story hooks. I thought I was a pretty keen observer of life at the Court, but it’s only in reading the whole thing in a narrow timeframe that you really see how much he’s planned, and how many questions are yet to be answered. Wonderful stuff.

¹ Really.

² The other one, not the webcomics-snarky one.

³ Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it.

Yay Vandals reference!

One bit of MHA survives — the webcomic of the same name by Straub is still archived here:

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