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Slackers Rewarded, Exchange High-Fives

Some time back we noted that the merry troublemakers at SMBC Theater were trying to Kickstart a new web series with an actual budget. A few days back they made their goal five times over, leading to the wherewithal to make an online entertainment comparable to a broadcast TV show, only with dirty jokes and explosions¹. Supporters are receiving fabulous prized including DVDs, art, books, and promotional video², but those that couldn’t bestir themselves to give get rewarded, too.

Yesterday, the SMBC Theatricians put the entirety of their first DVD, SMBC Theater Goes To Hell, on YouTube for your streaming pleasure. Granted, it was previously available for ten bucks plus shipping or pay-what-you-want on torrent (which may as well be free), but this is completely free free. There’s a lesson here that Zach, James³, Kelly, Angel, JP, Jennifer, Chason, Laura, Jon, Betsy, and all of the others that have worked very hard on SMBC Theater for you to learn.

And that lesson is, If you’re cheap and lazy you will be rewarded for it. We at Fleen would like to thank SMBC Theater for being our personal enablers since 2009. Except for James — he knows why.

¹ We at Fleen only hope that the majority of explosions will be directed at James Ashby, history’s greatest villain.

² Sadly, nobody claimed the top reward, their very own SEX ROBOT.

³ Recently promoted, now history’s greatest super villain.

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