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Could Our Long National Nightmare Be Over?

From the twitterfeed of one Mister Chris Onstad:

New Achewood fanflow piece up. Hiatus end draws near, but here’s some Smuckles for you: [empahsis mine]

We approach, in approximately seven weeks time, the tenth anniversary of Philippe standing on it and the launch of something that would eventually blow all our minds¹. Even if Onstad himself doesn’t feel that the strip really began until the introduction of three cats named Ray, Pat, and Roast Beef, we’re coming up on something numerically significant, and the end of the hiatus in close proximity to such an anniversary is making me take Emergency Mind Blow Prevention steps. For those of you utilizing the AssetBar premium content interface, there is apparently Smuckleness to be had. That can’t ever be a bad thing.

  • Speaking of significant numbers, how do you like zeros? Say, three of them in a row at the end of an ordinal number indicating sequence of updates? Kel MacDonald joins the Four Digit Club today with Sorcery 101 #1000.
  • Finally, for those of you looking to spend next spring in a west-coast mode, registration for the 2012 Stumptown Comics Fest opened today; Stumptown’s been one of the fastest-growing, smartest-run, and well-curated shows on the circuit for the past half-decade or so, and one that I must find a way to attend one of these days. It’s just there’s this whole country between me and Portland, dammit.

¹ Thinking on early Achewood, those that saw the brilliance early on, and its enduring popularity among webcomics creators, I’m reminded of when Brian Eno remarked, Only five thousand people ever bought a Velvet Underground album, but every single one of them started a band.

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