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Cue Rebecca Black

Oh, is it stuck in your head now? Too bad. A “friend” blackrolled me — I have to suffer, you have to suffer.

Not quite a month after close-of-submissions, the courageous Machine of Death 2 team (that would appear to be David Malki !, or at least it’s him doing the blog updates) have finished cataloguing the stories they’ve received. Here’s a hint as to why it took so long:

On the very last day submissions were open, we received more stories than the ENTIRE Vol.1 submission period.

To quantify that a little further:

[W]e received 6,373,643 words of submissions — if we published all of it, it would be longer than all the Harry Potter books and all the Lord of the Rings books and all the Song of Ice and Fire books and all of Stephen King’s Dark Tower books put together. [emphasis original]

For reference, that would require a total of 1958 submissions, with word counts ranging from 1 to 19,000 words; no conversion has yet been provided in terms of how many Mobies Dick, Wars and Peace, or Crimes and Punishment that adds up to.

In order to best serve the Machine of Death — I’m going to call it a phenomenon, for lack of a better word — Messers Malki, Bennardo, and North want to do a formal, rigorous survey of readers, but want to do it up right. If you’re experienced in such things, contact them via info, which is a mailing address at machineofdeath, a dot-net endeavor. One may also use that same point of contact if one wants to help playtest a prototype MoD card game. And finally on the MoD beat, one may use the similar submit address to enter the new MoD contest:

Write us some Fanfic Flash Fic — an ultrashort Machine of Death story in an existing pop-culture or literary setting. In honor of our friend Rosemary’s website 55 Word Stories, all submissions must be EXACTLY 55 words long. Enter up to three times. The deadline is August 30. We’ll post our favorites here on the blog next month!

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