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Maybe Daily, Even

Did you see this last night? From the twitterfeed of Eisner-award winning webcomicker (he does some other stuff, too) Cameron “Not Kristen Stewart’s brother, dammit”, Stewart:

New new new Sin Titulo!!

Sin Titulo, of course, the moody, creepy, noir-ish creator-owned webomic that earned Stewart the Eisner last year; it’s been back-burnered for a while now as Stewart worked on various Batman titles, a Suicide Girls miniseries [NSFW, obviously] (once prompting famed Batmanologist Chris Sims to declare The only thing I want to see Cameron Stewart draw more than a naked hipster girl is a fully clothed Batman.) and his Assassins Creed project with studiomate (and current Eisner laureate) Karl Kerschl. But those other projects are either done or not breathing down his neck, and we get to see what a creator at the peak of his game can make when he’s creating for himself instead of drawing somebody else’s IP. Best of all:

[F]inishing Sin Titulo is now a main priority so that it may be published as a print book next year! There are still a few things here and there that might pop up so I’m not quite ready to go full-on 5 days a week just yet, but I will try to manage 3 or 4 updates a week until this whole crazy thing is finished.


¹ See also: Toronto Man-Mountain, The.

² Where “our society” really means “a society of sentient dinosaurs and tiny women”. For more on flexing, please consult the internet.

³ Especially if “hassle for the organizers” means that Gran wouldn’t have time to put together Octopus Pie updates like the one that dropped this week. Those panicked eyes hidden under the blanket are perfect.

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That’s fantastic. I’ve been looking forward to the next NEWW since our comic launched. I hope to be able to go.

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