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Don’t Know Why I Bother, Really

If the aircon in my building would ever kick in today, that would be great. Just saying.

  • I didn’t get a chance to post earlier that the latest toys from Andrew Bell would be going on sale this morning (also 12 hours later tonight), and this morning’s tranche is sold out. Of course, if I had been able to tell you in time, you would have merely joined the crush of hopeful purchasers (a crush that makes the San Diego hotel scramble look leisurely by comparison) and still not have gotten any toys. Which is a shame, really, because the sashimi and Android toys look really cool, but at least content yourself knowing that between work schedule (this morning) and EMT volunteer schedule, I didn’t/won’t get any either. If you want to try your chances, the second wave hits the commerce engine at 11pm (GMT-4).
  • New webcomic, and boy is it a) purty; and b) possessed of one hell of an intriguing premise. Power Nap comes from Maritza Campos and Bachan and posits the question, What happens when humanity doesn’t need to sleep anymore, and therefore doesn’t? Everybody’s completely blasé and nonplussed at anything that goes on around them, a little dead inside, a lot pacified as a population.

    Even more importantly, What happens if you’re the one guy that can’t take the drug that lets everybody else never sleep? If you can only stay awake enough to work a 10-hour day, you’re barely above the poverty line and barely awake enough to function; everybody puts in 16 hours a day (dwarfing your income) and still gets 8 hours of leisure time (with your commute, you can manage 4 – 5 hours sleep and that’s it — no R&R for you, buddy).

    I know the word gets overused, and I’m not exempt from that charge, but Power Nap is gorgeous. It’s like the visual stepchild of Euro-style indy comics (cf: Herval or Rodolphe Guenoden), Kyle Baker‘s graphic novels, and the Nightmare sequence of Robot Carnival. The facial expressions on Our Hero (Drew Spencer by name) are rubbery, evocative, and hilarious — they remind me more than a little of Vera Brosgol, actually.

    We’re about six weeks and 15 updates in, so now is the perfect time to get caught up; in case you forget, you can find Power Nap on the blogroll over there to the right.

  • Finally, it’s been eight years since Questionable Content debuted, and although I’d estimate only a year or two of story time has elapsed over most of a decade of reality-time, that still represents ten or twenty times the pace of Megatokyo (and despite a preponderance of indie/emo characters, approximately 4000% less mopery). Actually, forget today’s time anniversary and come back on the 24th when (by my calculations) QC will cross into the vaunted 2000 updates club.
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