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The Normally Unflappable Tim Gunn May Have Been Flapped

Why would we we talking about Tim Gunn on an ostensibly webcomics-themed blog? Maybe because last night’s Project Runway season premiere featured Paul Southworth’s famed Threadless tee, The Morning After¹. The challenge was to incorporate one’s own pajamas into a piece of fashion, and one of the contestants happened to be sleeping in said shirt; here’s what the dress looked like, with a nice closeup on Mister Happy.

Heidi Klum was not entirely sure what to make of it, but you can watch for yourself [starting around 25:20 for the initial discussion of the clown, and again at 44:00 for the runway] and decide whether or not the clown got the necessary respect.

  • In case you didn’t see the announcement, damn early this morning, Greg Dean posted a notice on Google+ that Harper Elizabeth Dean was born at 12:24am (GMT-7), and posted a picture of the little cutie giving a big yawn. Mother and father are undoubtedly really tired after more than 24 hours of actively havin’ a baby², but I’d bet they’d appreciate your good wishes.
  • Speaking of well wishes: Today’s xkcd, with context from last autumn, and relevant touches here, here, and here. If you’ll excuse me, I have a check to write.

¹ Or, as I’ve always thought of it, “Taste the Rainbow”.

² No permalink, but Dean posted 10:25pm (GMT-7) on the 27th that they were already in the labor & delivery, and Harper didn’t show until the wee hours of the 29th.

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