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Attention Everybody In Seasonably-Pleasant San Diego: I Hate You

Collectively, and individually, regardless of our history and (former) close friendship, I now hate you. We’re in a vicious heat wave in the Greater New York Mediasphere, with overnight lows above your San Diego daytime highs. It’s presently around 35 C (that would be 95 degrees for those of you using non-metric units) out there, with a heat index of 39 (102). Tomorrow the actual temperature is due to hit 38 (100) with a heat index of 43½ (110) friggin’ degrees.

And, as can be seen in the above photo, exclusively at Fleen, the exhibitors in San Diego (at least at the Dumbrella booth, #1335 on the floor) react to weather whose name is not a killing word by demanding that their tasty snacks and beverages be even colder. Such luxury! Cold drinks. So … cold. Okay, look, I take it all back, I love all you guys, just let me have one cold drink and I will be your best friend forever.

¹ On a side note, way to drop today’s Drive on us when I’m not in San Diego to grill you on the broader implications re: the plot, Dave. Oh, and thanks in general — I was just starting to like the Fillopods a whole bunch and now the psychotic emperor is gonna have to murder them all. Meanie.

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