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FYI, Probably Have To Punt On Tomorrow’s Update

Trying to fly out of O’Hare is always a challenge. But for now, let’s see what we’ve got.

  • From yesterday’s twitterfeed of one Mr Ryan Q North¹ comes news of a certain milestone:

    Today is the 2000th comic at! That is a lot of comics with the same pictures !! #iknowright

    As North himself acknowledged in the past, a significant number of those strips are guest outings, but still … 2000 strips that (nearly) all use the same six panels (or variations thereunto) and (pretty much) portray the same scene — house, tiny woman, stomping. Impressive indeed, and the famously modest North² didn’t even make mention of it on his site. Here’s to another 2000.

  • Speaking of round numbers, Danielle Corsetto hit 1200 Girls With Slingshots strips today, with an update that’s equal parts D’awwww and Woo-hoo, 200 strips means a new book I can add to my collection (plus the fact that Corsetto turns around books quickly — no waiting years for the trade here, Sparky). And given that the last 200 strips (starting here) have been in color, that means a color book, much to my delight³.
  • Speaking of tigers (we were so, pay attention to the footnotes, they’re not just there for my health), Andy Bell should watch out for them on his trip to Southeast Asia; word broke today that Bell will be a featured guest at the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Con in August. Curiously enough, STGCC appears to be an offshoot of New York Comic Con, which brings a whole new scope and scale to the idea of a satellite show.
  • Last thoughts for today, and no names on this one, let’s just call it a cautionary tale. If you’re going to send me a press release, having the only link in the email lead to an online PR site and essentially reiterates and builds on the release, and having neither the email nor the full release contain a link to your webcomic? You’re doing it wrong.

¹ Nexus of All Webcomics Realities, Northern Division.

² I have a sketchbook contribution that consists of a tiny T-Rex uttering the words I try hard, which I imagine is North’s personal motto.

³ I’m tempted to quote an old Bugs Bunny cartoon: Three cheers and a tiger for me!

I just read this neat little summary on The Comics Journal; The History of Webcomics by Shaenon Garrity; thought it was pretty fascinating how far back it went!

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