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This Is Why Certain Inactive Sites Stay In My Bookmarks

Achewood’s home page is delivering up random comics every time I load it. So far today, I’ve seen obnoxious rich entrepreneur Philippe, Roast Beef’s first depression, the beginnings of Mister Band, Ray’s toast at Beef and Molly’s rehearsal dinner, and robot ass in a TV (BOO TO THAT). I’ve set my browser to reload the page every five minutes, meaning every time I click on the tab, there’s a new delight awaiting me.

  • Rich Burlew’s overcome the latest unexpected hiatus (which, given Burlew’s ongoing health concerns, is entirely acceptable — if you don’t like it, point your RSS client at the feed and work on having some empathy) to Order of the Stick and is back with a new strip and the stated desire to put out a lengthy string of comics before the next unplanned hiatus. While he hadn’t been able to produce comics, Burlew was able to work up proofs for the next OoTS book, which should be in physical form forthwith. Everybody welcome back Mr Burlew and toss him some continued wishes for continued health, yes?
  • Speaking of books, I believe that I mentioned that I picked up Jess Fink‘s Chester 5000 XYV when it hit my local comic shop a few weeks back, right? Now? Well, I did, and it’s adorable. Also, calling back to Fink’s mention that Chester pages were being included in a MoSex show, a reminder:

    Hey if you are in NYC this week you can still see art from Chester 5000 at the Museum of Sex dirty comics show!

    I just may have to do that. Not enough museums have exhibits built around awesome sexy fun (just don’t try to travel to Canada with a copy of Chester in your bag).

  • Speaking of Chester, this may not be the first Chester fan-art, but I think that so far it’s probably the funniest. I know that I mentioned Chris Hallbeck’s Maximumble when it debuted back at the start of the year, but haven’t really since then. It’s pretty much always a hoot and a half, and the flexibility that it affords Hallbeck to do silly one-off gags (without the strictures — such as they are — of Biff) must be considerable, given that Hallbeck’s now doing twice as many comics without skipping a beat.
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