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Speaking Of Wrapups

Ryan Armand’s GREAT finished yesterday with little warning, but it couldn’t be argued that the story was left hanging. The indomitable Mr Phipps/Flipps had conquered nearly every opponent (even the derision of his son) and decided that being truly GREAT didn’t necessarily mean conquering the world. Indeed, just having the best ramen cart in the park is its own GREATness.

So we’ve come full circle, from the day that young Lyle Phipps lost everything to this, the day that another young man believes he has, too. But just as Mr Phipps encouraged so many others, the newcomer finds resolve and sets off to fix his circumstances. What else is there to say?

Only that there are books, with the new, second volume clocking in at more than 400 pages, for a total of 600-odd pages of comics, including more than 30 pages of new scenes. It’s more than good — it’s GREAT.

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