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Dang, This Is Easy This Year

As you may have heard, the San Diego Comic Convention (which looks like this, for those of you unfamiliar) has released the floor map for this year [PDF], and has done me the service of helpfully marking off the webcomics area in easy-to-find burnt orange. If you’re interested in the sorts of people that this page talks about, chances are that they’ll either be within a 25 meter radius of booth 1332, or in the small press area (helpfully marked off in tasteful lavender). Oh, sure there are a few outliers immediately outside this zone, and a few more further afield, but that’s basically where you want to go.

It looks like there have been some minor changes from last year’s map — TopatoCo (booth 1229) has seemingly switched places with Keenspot (booth 1231), which seems slightly counterintuitive, as it means switching up a double booth for a triple and TopatoCo’s creators were pretty pressed for space last year. Then again, it puts them on the end of a wide transit aisle, meaning that their crowds won’t be creating an IDLH by intermingling with the Cyanide & Happiness (booth 1234) crowds just across the way (seriously, in past years it was possible to stand in the middle of the 1230s aisle, lift up both feet, and remain suspended in air via the sheer crush of bodies).

In any event, by staying in the ORANGE ZONE, you can meet up with the likes of oxymoronic descriptions, unsighted mustelids, gleeful poisoners, funployed funployees straight from the Party Mansion, Scott ‘n’ Kris ‘n’ Brad ‘n’ Dave, The Crosbyrama, the hardest working man in webcomics (plus the guys he works for), unlikely monsters, Uncle Randy’s travelling nightmare show, steampunk that doesn’t make you nervous, and the original murder of douchebags¹.

In the immediate area, you might find northerly robuts (booth 1033), the coolest graphic novel publisher in the country (booth 1323), and a spot to pick up the latest volume of Digger (booth 1236). Slightly further afield, you might come across the possibly last iteration of comics best anthology series (booth 2235), a museum dedicated to the sorts of things you like (booth 1930), the people you can thank for publishing both adorable wordless owls and adorable wordless Victorian porn (booth 1721), the rockstars of library science (booth 2300), and the best two-syllable named webcomics (booth 1714).

With all that wandering around, if you want a concentration of webcomics types again, head back to the LAVENDER ZONE and be prepared for angry flowers (K-16), iron crotches (P-12), handlebar moustachery (M-12), Satanic porn (N-12), Keef (K-15), sleepy puppies (O-14), earth-shattering sibling rivalry (P-02), werewolf cops, and CGI nerdery (Q-13).

It’s extraordinarily likely that I’ve missed somebody, so let me know in the comments and I’ll add in anybody overlooked. In the meantime, programming info has started to go up, and once all four days are posted we’ll bring you the highlights.

Finally, let me implore all the creators out there to take some time during the show to make it down to the high-numbered end of the hall to that you may pay tribute to the people that made you what you are today (booth 5102). Respect.

¹ Yes, at last it can be told, the collective noun for “webcomickers” is “murder of douchebags”. I’m not certain if it was Jon Rosenberg or Rich Stevens that came up with the term, but it fits and I’m using it.

That’s awesome. I’ve never been to SDCC but at New York last year they had a “webcomics pavilion” that was just a sad disconnected scattering of people with no rhyme or reason (and most importantly, no pavilion!). Maybe they can take a page from the SDCC book? It’s not that hard…

TopatoCo’s booth last year was only a double — Keenspot’s three-booth stretch includes the two that TopatoCo occupied last year, plus what was the PVP booth last year. Penny Arcade is the one that’s got slightly less space.

Hey, dunno if you saw it yesterday or not, but Great came to an end. It’s a shame, that was one of those ones I was looking forward to each week but I guess all good things come to an end sooner or later.

I should note that the Dernwerks table won’t just have the moustachery, we’re importing the bald one in from Colombia, too.

[…] long as we’re all friends again, let me refer you to the booth listing/floor map for webcomics types, and point out that webcomicky panels today include the Rosenberg/Bell/Gran/Yates Q&A (12:30, […]

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