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Revenge Of The Beaton Pose

You know, that comic book nod to female spinal structure, where both breasts and buttocks are simultaneously presented to the viewer? Over the weekend, Kate Beaton, Meredith Gran, and Carly Monardo via their respective twitters, took that pose and used it to create the greatest female-empowering female heroes ever: Georgia O’Queefe, Queen Elizatits, and Susan B Assthony. Fan art quickly followed. What with 52 new comics launching from DC in the fall, there’s going to be a need for new characters and I cannot think of any that typifies cape comics better than these three.

  • Hey, remember Recipe Comix at Saveur magazine? Much like Chris Hastings two weeks ago, Emily Horne has opted to make her contribution an adult beverage¹. By the way, this means that fully 50% of the first four installments of Recipe Comix are booze-related, a situation that I wholly approve of.
  • Showing that his mission in life is to be far more patient than I ever could be with those that don’t² understand basic science, Darryl Cunningham is back with a comic that lays out the basic evidence for evolution. Young Earth Creationist and Intelligent Design aficionados, this is your wake-up call. Thanks to Scott McCloud for passing on the link.

    I’ll also note that Cunningham’s collection of comics on psychiatry (that would be the appropriately-named Psychiatric Tales) is available at many fine comic shops now; I was going to pick it up at Midtown last week, but they were sold out before I could get one. On balance, I’m going to call that a good thing.

  • Let’s end on some good, old-fashioned commerce, shall we? My Evil Twin has opened pre-orders on his latest release, covering strips first published between 24 July 2005 and 16 August 2006. When he started his reprint publishing program, back in 2006, Tayler was reprinting strips from 2003. Now it’s five years later and he’s publishing strips from 2005. Granted, he went back as far as 2000 and has done more than one book a year since, but at this rate, it appears that he’ll never run out of material to print. That there is some kind of self-sustaining business genius, I tells ya.

¹ Specifically, an adult beverage in the class known as the reviver, a class specifically designed for use the morning after a night of too many other adult beverages. I like to think that if you get in trouble with two many Hastings-style ginger-based cocktails, Horne is there to help you have Ideas.

² Or possible choose to refuse to understand basic science.

Wow, that poster is amazing.

I would love to take Cunningham’s comic and just “drop it off” all over high schools around the country… like stuff it in every locker…

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