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Figure I Don’t Mind The Trains Getting Pooched This Morning

Karl Mutha-h’in¹ Kerschl, people. Not only does he draw Miller better than Miller does, not only does he include the most appropriate quote possible as the title of the strip, he sticks the landing perfectly. I was giggling for half an hour after I read this.

Quickly now, since the trains got screwed up again today and I’m behind again today and I just need a drink again today.

  • TopatoCo picks up maybe the biggest unaffiliated creator out there, as John Allison moves his non-artwork merch to the biggest little webcomics distributor:

    Visitors to the shop will find most items marked as “sold out” or “coming soon”, with only ebooks, handmade items, teatowels, and my more expensive giclee prints still available to buy. From next week, things that aren’t a. digital or b. dependent on me to push a pen/button will be available at Topatoco.

    This move is designed to free me up for more freelance commissions, as I’d been shipping a lot of items myself and overseeing all the orders, not the most economical use of my time.

    More time for John Allison originals and commissions? Sounds good to me.

  • As everybody and their dog are talking about JK Rowling’s big announcement, I ‘spose I should weigh in, too. I enjoyed the books, I’m not sure I’m invested enough to get involved in “Pottermore”, and boy, a creator going alone without a formal publisher (and engaging audience on as nearly a one-to-one basis as possible) sure sounds like webcomics, doesn’t it? Bonus points to Heidi Mac for the Akallabêth reference in her writeup. I’m sure that I’m not the only one that went squee over the reference to Tolkien’s voluminous apocrypha (I’m fairly certain I heard both Evan Dahm and Aaron Diaz making swoony noises).
  • Okay, fine, Akallabêth, “the tale of the downfall of Númenor as written by Elendil the Tall, King of the North Kingdom”. Big disaster, brought about by poor decisions and evil intent, sweeping up the wicked and the virtuous in its murderous wake. Not quite the same as the Joplin tornado last month, but then again the Akallabêth didn’t have the likes of Dave Roman and Chris Duffy (formerly editors of Nickelodeon magazine) arranging for a comic anthology to be distributed to the children of Armenelos.

    They are, however, working up such an anthology for the benefit of the children of Joplin, with information (and ways to help the endeavor) over at IndieGogo. As of this writing, they’re 90% of the way to goal, but going way the hell over goal isn’t really a problem — it just means that more kids will be helped with an escape from the fact that they’ve lost everything. Go. Give.

¹ “Honoring, respecting, calling on Mothers Day and taking out for a nice lunch on her birthday”, naturally.

Heh thanks for the call out, Gary. That headline did nothing for my keyword search, but it make me happy…and if it made someone else happy then I’m even happier.

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