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This Is Me This Week

[Edit to add: There’s supposed to be an excerpt of the OctoPie strip mentioned right below at the top of the page, but the image uploader fought with me, and once I finally got it to accept an image, it’s pulling this chop-off-in-the-middle crap. Problem occurring on multiple computers, so it’s on WordPress’s end. We’ll get that fixed as soon as we can.] Fixed. Thanks, Phillip.

When Meredith Gran posted the most recent Octopus Pie on Sunday, I’m guessing that she didn’t know she was neatly predicting how my work week would go. Interruptions, whether in the classroom or when you’re trying to get your swerve on, can either lead to an excess of politeness and dangerously narrow eyes or horrific violence¹. I’m trying to not be fired and Will’s trying to be a better person, so we breathe deep and solider on.

  • Frequent readers of this page will know that I stand second to no man in my appreciation of :01 Books, who in addition to producing some of the finest graphic novels known to man also are in the webcomics biz as a sort-of publisher. It’s that latter role that I’d like to mention today, as :01 have announced the re-launch of TUNE by Derek Kirk Kim and Les McClaine (seen recently on art chores of the bonus story by Benito Cereno in the latest Dr McNinja collection). It’s an interdimensional romp full of accidental imprisonment and the eternal desire we all have to get back to our homes, plus a bit of trying to get laid. Added bonus: if you don’t like starting a new webcomic because there’s only a few updates? TUNE’s got 148 pages ready for you to read. Go get ’em.
  • If you don’t like starting a webcomic that’s been around because there’s too much in the archive, Rebecca Clements (of Kinokofry, Secret Mystery Diary, BEC, and more) just launched Ruffle Hall ‘tother day, and while she’s dropping new pages like mad, it’s still in the wholly manageable dozen-or-so range. Nobody does whimsical quite like Clements; I’d go so far as to say that much like Kazu Kibuishi is channeling the spirit of Miyazaki², Clements is on occasion possessed by Dr Suess (with the disclaimer that I don’t think the good doctor was quite so much into the ladyparts, but you never know). So what happens to a pair of slightly odd characters who live in the boringest place in the entire world when they go off for adventures? Wonderful things, my friends, wonderful things.
  • Continuing the Isn’t anybody dead? theme that was previously established, Pierre and Krep didn’t actually get roasted alive, and have been having a nice chat with the Mihrrgoot king and finding out that maybe the Oh, shit shoe that had to drop isn’t just that the Eebs aren’t as helpless as we thought. It may be that Our Heroes may not be as on the right side of their struggle as we thought. Facing unfathomable horrific potentialities, indeed.
  • My Blam: Come up with a Googlewhack³, hours later there are at least 9 hits that result purely from the cartoon I casually mentioned it in. I call it, “Being Randall Munroe”.

¹ For added verisimilitude, just add Wilhelm.

² Doubly impressive because Miyazaki isn’t dead and is still using his spirit.

³ “Canadian surrealist porn

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