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Okay, one comment: that ain’t good.

Looking at the Talk About Comics forums, looks like Bo Lindbergh had it right. Future domain expiration dates here.

Is it just me, or is this happening more and more with GoDaddy? This just happened with a friend of mine — GoDaddy “accidentally” forgot to renew his domain and a squatter snatched it up and wants $2000 for it — this fact was made clear to him once he had paid GoDaddy to broker a deal for him. It also recently happened with AnderslovesMaria, right? And now this?

Is it GoDaddy or a cruel set of coincidences at work? I suggest everyone make sure their URLs are up-to-date and set to auto-register. And we should start keeping a tally of stories like this. I wonder if GoDaddy is breaking some kind of law?

If you don’t have your domain set to auto-register, it will go up for ‘auction’ after 3-6 months of inactivity.

GoDaddy does not send reminders or notifications if you’re not set to auto-register. They basically sit on the domain and use it as ad placement until they receive notification from the original owner, or they sell it off before the expiry period or put it back into the pool of unused names.

They make a killing off of ‘reactivation’ fees. But they aren’t the only one who does it. Almost ALL of the companies you buy domains from do this (especially the ones who offer cheap names and hosting – it’s their hook.)

Actually, even if you’re not setup with auto renew Godaddy gives you TONS of warnings via email, almost spamlike… But their reminders have saved a few of mine that weren’t on auto pilot.

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