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Changes A’Comin’ Down The Pike, Clem


  • Since we’re quoting Karl Kerschl’s entirely wonderful The Abominable Charles Christopher (which turned 200 weekly updates or just shy of four years old yesterday), one should note that the big guy is about to undergo some changes. X-TREME changes:

    While ‘The Abominable Charles Christopher‘ is dear to my heart, it is unfortunately not reaching a wide enough readership to sustain its continued production. Not in its current incarnation, at least!

    I present to you a bold new direction. I call it ‘ABOMINABLE X-TREME’ and it will change forever the way you think about woodland creatures or integrity!

    Gone are the boring conversations! Gone are the insufferable antics! Prepare for a whole new world of pain as CHARLES X-TOPHER fights his way through hordes of wolves, bats and killer spiders, all in the name of ACTION!

    ABOMINABLE X-TREME starts NEXT WEDNESDAY and will cost 99 cents, less than a dollar more than it costs now!


    So, yeah. That’s certainly … a thing¹.

  • If you like things all loud and shouty, may I also suggest that you pick up the debut Chris Hastings major-publisher comical book? I’ve never read a Deadpool comic before, and apart from the overabundance of Deadpool cosplayers (of all shapes and sizes) at conventions, have had literally no interaction with the character. Hastings, however, writes a comic book that disposes of whatever character backstory and line-wide crossover (THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!) in a quick narration box and gets down to the story at hand. A story that reads like how King Radical might behave if he were seriously unhinged and more interested in making a quick buck than supporting the fine folk of Cumberland, Maryland. Also, there are bees exploding out of the gas tank of a monster truck. I’d say that you can’t pay somebody to think up entertainment this good, but in fact you can, and should you buy Fear Itself: Deadpool (1 of 3), you will be doing exactly that.
  • We at Fleen have mentioned the forthcoming PhD Comics movie in the past, as it was under development. Well, consider it developed fully, as it’s got a spankin’ new website, complete with trailer, cast and character info, and photos galore. I have just a few things to say:
    1. This looks great, Jorge
    2. The actors you got for Professor Smith and Mike are so close to your designs, you must have grown them in a lab
    3. I see that you have a screening in the works for Rutgers, which just happens to be in my back yard, so I will be attending the hell out your fine cinematical entertainment, just tell me the where ‘n’ when

    Best of all, with the movie all wrapped and every-damn-thing, we will hopefully get more PhD Comics updates in the near future.

¹ For the overly gullible, it is no kind of thing at all. Relax.

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