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Did I Say “Over”? I Meant New Beginnings

Bobwhite comes full circle, but at the same time, Magnolia Porter launches Monster Pulse (MWF, with an eight page extravaganza of first-day goodness). It’s the story of Bina Blum, derided for her imagination and fascination with dinosaurs, and the weird spectral force that appears to take up residence within her immediate vicinity and manifest as a monstrous critter. I’m guessing misunderstandings and beastie-wrangling are on deck, and can’t wait to find out if I’m right.

Meanwhile, not being content with launching a new webcomic the very day that her previous effort wrapped, Ms Porter teamed up with Kel McDonald for Dracula Mystery Club. n&eacut;e Cocksuckers (per a discussion at NEWW2), renamed (because honestly, they’ll get less grief for being two young women working on a comic that’s not called Cocksuckers, per a discussion at MoCCA Fest). And did I say two young women? It’s three young women, with Amanda Lafrenais contributing toning and websitery. Look for story pages to start on Thursday.

  • Not entirely webcomics related, but how can I resist? The ToonSeum (Pittsburgh’s contribution to the preservation of all we hold dear) sent along the best press release of the year:

    Joe Wos, Executive Director of the ToonSeum, Pittsburgh’s Museum of Cartoon Art, is taking his show on the road. Best known for his work as a cartoonist and storyteller working with children and families, Joe is giving his work a grown up twist! The Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa California will be offering a special wine/beer tasting and cartooning workshop for adults!

    This is the first time the museum has offered this unique pairing. Guest will enjoy a flight of beers courtesy of Lagunitas Brewery and wine from Balletto Vineyards while learning to draw their own cartoons. [emphasis mine]

    I’ve remarked many times that I should learn to draw and pick up at least some rudimentary cartooning skills at some point in my life. My failure to do so is only partly because of the fullness of my schedule; to be honest, more of it is me dreading the absolutely terrible output that will accompany early efforts, perhaps for a long, long time. But boozing up while first learning? That’s got to lower the inhibitions and get you started down the road. If only I lived on the Left Coast, I would be at this SO HARD you guys. The fun kicks off at 6:30pm, 17 June (that’s a Friday) at the Schulz Museum; $15.00 for members, $20.00 for non-members.

  • I have news of another melding of previously-unmelded areas of expression. Since cartoons + booze is taken, how about webcomic + stage presentation?

    This year’s Ottawa Fringe Festival will feature a stage adaptation of Subnormality by Winston Rowntree. Conceptualized by Marie Robertson, writer of last year’s Love In The Time of Harlequin and adapted from the original text by Sarah McEown and Sarah Newton, the show is based on multiple scenes pulled directly from the webcomic.

    Show-specific information may be found at Subnormalshow, and tickets are available at the OFF website for a half-dozen presentations between 17 and 26 June.

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