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Lots Of Comics End Big.

  • Some end True. Bobwhite wraps up on Monday, I trust you’ll be there?
  • It’s true, Mako — bad guys laugh when you do math at them, but at least you aren’t wearing a WHAM! t-shirt. I know that I said recently that I was trying not to go on and on about AGAHF, but then Otter sent me this in an email with the subject line GARY YOU WILL FOLLOW THE CHAIN OF COMMAND, so I feel compelled. Not sure why, really, but I honestly don’t want to spend today harvesting cow lips. Instead, it appears I’ll spend today in an archive dive of a new-to-me webcomic. So thanks?
  • Blah blah blah, filler, comment, Penny Arcade movie deal. Little surprised it wasn’t Lookouts, actually, but The New Kid probably has more story hooks. Here’s the thing — that strip ran last October, call it seven months ago. Hollywood doesn’t buy movies based on six panels, so there was a whole lot of story brainstorming that went on that we haven’t seen, along with visual treatments, more than like. That’s incredibly fast work, so the question is how long has somebody in LA had a first-look deal?

    My guess is that Khoo’s had a deal in place for a couple years that every once in a while, somebody calls up and says, “Hey, have your guys do 20 pages of story and art concepts on these three or four strips” and this is the first one that paid off. That means it’s my guess that we see more options announcements in the future — remember, there’s no promise of a movie yet, Paramount “picked up the rights” and lots of movies never get made. Heck, according to my faded copy of Fortune and Glory, you can almost do better sellinng options that don’t get made into movies ’cause once the rights expire you can sell ’em again to somebody else. In any event, Hollywood has a couple new concept merchants to deal with.

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