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You Know, Like Andre The Giant

Still tethering, so let’s do this quickly:

  • In re: that ol’ LICD Kickstarter thang, Ryan Sohmer opines:

    Holy balls. We just sailed right through 75k. Looks like I’ve got a pilot to make.

  • First informed of via the Twitterings of Kean Soo, I’ve been enjoying the hell out of the utterly gorgeous Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant (by Tony Cliff), which started a few days ago and is more gorgeous than anything not born directly from the hand of HergĂ©. The first four pages of the online graphic novel are now available for your perusal, and hoo boy if that splash panel on the home page doesn’t leave me waiting for the action to kick in. This is going to be one to watch, folks.
  • Have been obsessively re-reading the copy of Save Yourself, Mammal which Zach Weiner was kind enough to gift me with just prior to the long weekend. Not that it’s a long read (even the most appreciative of Mr Weiner’s fans will be tearing through the pages as warp speed, devouring the gags), but there’s a Choose Your Own Adventure scattered through the first 65 or so pages, and I haven’t achieved all the endings yet. First time through, though? I became a doctor that performed surgery with a katana — it’s hard to top that.
  • Finally, the best news I’ve heard all year, from Mr Jon Rosenberg:

    Yes! My babies are coming home from the hospital today!

    A few months ago we didn’t know if they were going to survive, and now they are healthy and adorable. Modern medical science is amazing.

    Babies are finally home, safe and sound. For the first time since Feb. I don’t have to go to a hospital tomorrow.

    There’s a photo of young Messers Rosenberg which you may wish to enjoy before the honeymoon’s over. Because babies, they change things:

    Survived our first night with the twins. Not to imply that they are trying to assassinate me. But I did find a tiny piece of piano wire.

    Well done, Team Babies.

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