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Long Weekend, Woo!

I’m gonna make this quick, because it’s a holiday weekend starting. Gonna get me some prime cuts of meat from my favorite restarauteurs, do some damn grilling¹. Don’t expect an update on Monday, I’ll be doing the parade thing with my EMT cohorts.

In the meantime, one tiny little followup for you, one that I’m slightly surprised by. I tossed out an idea for a Machine of Death 2 story, and I’ve gotten feedback that cracks are being taken at it, including from one of the five remaining contestants in the Daily Grind Ironman Challenge. I am very much looking forward to reading anything that y’all come up with, and positively giddy that something developed from my little brainbomb might (probably not, let’s be realistic, there’s a lot of entrants) make it into MoD2.

And with that, I’m outta here. Enjoy the long weekend, everybody!

¹ Lump charcoal 4 lyfe, yo.

A small correction:

There’s only 4 of us left in the Grind as of a couple Tuesdays ago when Mike Stevens had some computer trouble and missed that day’s deadline.

The Other Mike

[…] to a post last week — I remarked that there were five contenders left in the Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge, […]

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