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Well, This Is Depressing

Not really webcomics, but since I’m on the PR list of a widely-connected guy named Chase Wang¹, I get lots of info on PC technology, games, and pop culture events. One of Chase’s recurring clients has been the upcoming AM2 (animation, manga, music) convention the first week of July. The latest announcement from which reads:


Yeah. With so many creators of Tokyopop’s OEL line left — abandoned is the only word I can come up with — I’m sure it’s a great comfort to them to know that somebody’s makin’ money off of an everything-must-go fire sale, but it surely ain’t those that wrote and drew the comics.

  • Following up from Friday — yep, looks like Shelley’s really dead. Crap. And will the others even know of her passing? Speaking of deaths, requiscat in pace, Ivan [that particular link mostly SFW]. He’s been the centerpiece of Oglaf [which is usually the polar opposite of SFW] since the first page, even if he didn’t get a name for a good long time. And he’s really been the buttmonkey of the strip, frustrated and abused at nearly every turn, and now he’s gone.

Man, this has been a grim day, hasn’t it? Hows about some hopeful notes, each of which will require the collective efforts of numerous people working towards a common goal?

  • On the one hand, you’ve got an idea for a massively-parallel comic via Twitter from Stewart Moore (link via Scott McCloud), an idea that will likely produce many marginal branchings, but also a handful that are really brilliant.
  • On the other hand, there’s a Kickstart going to bring more Scott [Kurtz] & Kris [Straub] to your computers with plenty of laugh-chuckles along the way; it’s a big-budget item but with nearly 1/3 of the fundraising goal achieved since the project launched earlier today, it’s pretty good odds that you may see more of these guys in the future. Seriously — get Straub and Kurtz good and on (which may or may not be synonymous with three beers in ’em), and there’s probably not two funnier people on the planet. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

¹ Really.

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