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Did Webcomics Declare A Hiatus And I Missed It?

Yeah, yeah, “webcomics” is a terrible word, always has been, and the reasons why are pretty well explored at this point, that’s not what’s relevant here. What is relevant is that so many strips seem to be between arcs, getting caught up after big pushes (lookin’ at you, TCAF 2011), or just plain quiet. My mailbag is empty (once I share the springtime miracle-of-life link below), and I’ve always got a backlog of potential stories there.

You know what? Screw it. I’m spending this weekend enjoying myself (hell, I even took off work the start of next week), so let everything go quiet for a week. It’ll come back. In the meantime:

I still don’t understand this “webcomics is a terrible word” argument. “Webcomic” started as a description of the distribution medium — not as a business model, not as a label for a social scene, but an identification of the way the content was accessed.

It was, even when coined, a little inaccurate, because there were comics on Usenet and CompuServe and other bbs systems that were gathered under that umbrella, but as a general term that’s all it ever meant to me, and at it’s core that’s what it is. Just like if you say “comic book” you mean comics in a printed book format, and if you say “newspaper comics” you mean comics that appear in a newspaper.

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