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The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Yesterday was Draw Cat Rackham Day, and now that it’s over the accounting can finally begin. As of press time, Steve “Monstro” Wolfhard has collected more than 100 Cat Rackhams into a Flickr set, and a Twitter search on draw cat rackham shows dozens if not hundreds of references and contributions since Anthony Clark kicked it off yesterday morning. Naturally, messing with the search terms a bit (say, searching on just “cat rackham”) significantly expands the results set, to the point that we may never see all the Cat Rackhams.

In the meantime, please enjoy my favorites (so far), starting with the aformentioned Clark’s drawing, and wonderful drawings by people whose first names link to their own sites and whose family names link to their Cat Rackhams: Graham Annable, Vera Brosgol, Emmy Cicierega, JP Coovert (is that a Rich Stevens cameo? Dude loves cats like nobody’s business …), Joe Decie, Aaron Diaz¹, Dustin Harbin, Stephen Heintz, Mark Luetke, and Kean Soo.

Completely unrelated to anything else, I received an email through that contact link over there to the right that left me scratching my head:

Hi Gary,

I’m writing to let you know that we posted an article, “50 Healthy, Low-Cal Cocktail Recipes for the Aspiring Skinny Girl”(http://redacted). I just thought I’d share it with you in case you thought it would appeal to your readers.

Thanks for time!
Ken Martin

First of all, you’re welcome for time, Ken Martin! Thing is, I’m having trouble figuring out why you thought my audience were particularly interested cocktail recipes that feature abominations like diet soda and Splenda (may as well throw in some Pucker and make it the trifecta of things no right-thinking person wants anywhere near their booze). Also, I’m doubly curious why you’re building a link farm on a site that purports to be a supplier of information on nursing schools.

If only you had given me some plausible reason to pass your internet ad dollar chasing attempts on to my trusting readers. Next time, provide an opportunity to help the recently-deposed president of Ivory Coast move $90 million to the US with a generous share for an honest person willing to provide a Social Security Number and bank account number, and we at Fleen might be able to help.

¹ The Latin Art-Throb.

It could have been worse, Gary. He could have tried to sell you a Penis Mightier.

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