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Oh, So It Was That Kind Of Party

That photo is one dromaeosaurid away from being Randall Munroe‘s worst nightmare. Then again, how can you hate the clade that gave us Bambiraptor?

  • For those of you that didn’t make it to the Save Yourself, Mammal! launch party this past Sunday, there is photographic evidence of the fun that you missed out on. The book is still listed at the same link as the just-concluded pre-order it’s been shipping for a couple of days now over at Breadpig; presumably the coming weeks will bring sales points at Zach Weiner’s Internet Weinerporium, aka his TopatoCo storefront.
  • Via the mailbag, from Noel:

    Friday May 13th is going be the second Dialogue Free Comics Day. It’s when we encourage webcomics to concentrate on the visual side of things and post a comic with no dialogue in it. We had a great response last year and are hoping for even more this year.

    I’ll be honest, I missed this being A Thing last year, but the idea intrigues me. The date of Friday was set on 20 April, but I have only recently heard that this was going around, so I’m unsure how big a response there will be from creators, but it’s a really interesting idea. One of those stretch your cartooning muscles type exercises, even.

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