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You’ll Have To Pardon Me

As some of you may know, I teach for a technology company. Today is the first delivery of a new course, and there are a million little things going wrong that, if not cleaned up, will kind of make the rest of the week not … happen. As such. You may well imagine that paying customers want the entire week to happen, seeing as how they paid for it and all. So, short on time.

  • Luckily, I can just point you to any random tweet that mentions hashtag #tcaf from the past 48 hours or so (or check out the pictures), and you can get an idea of what Christopher Butcher and his crack staff put together. No lie, I gotta get up to Toronto next year, since I’ve never heard anybody (exhibitor or attendee) with any serious complaints about the completely free show. Well done, everybody from TCAF.
  • On the but what’s happening now front, may I present the return of F Chords? It’s been a little less than two and a half years since Kris Straub wrapped up the first side of the story of Ash and Wade, two aspiring and/or itinerant musicians from Austin. As anybody who remembers records (they were these big things made out of vinyl that existed before CDs, kids) will recall, there’s always at least two sides to an album (and sometimes more, if it was a multi-disk set), which means we’ve finally flipped the vinyl over for the rest of the music. Story. Look, forget the tortured analogies; it’s back and it’s funny, okay?
  • Speaking of tortured, did you catch the big damn story twist at Spacetrawler today? I don’t think that Pierrot and Krep are dead, since it’s unlikely Nogg would know about their “final” conversation unless they related it at a later point, and he hasn’t actually told Mr Zorilla that they died, and refers to them in the present tense. No, the big damn twist deals with one of the fundamental secrets of the Eebs, which leaves (I’m guessing) at least two more (spoilers ahoy, BTW):
    1. Why do they brain-clamp themselves, knowing it renders them a slave species?
    2. What is the secret of the spacetrawlers? Remember, Yuri apparently knows, which maybe means she is more Eeb than human now, if they were able to tell her.

    Put it all together, and I’d guess we’re about at the 1/3 mark of the overall story, just about the point where what we thought was the major obstacle/goal of the story gets revealed as a trivially small bump in the road and all the characters go Oh, shit when they realize what’s actually in front of them. Sounds good to me.

Glad you liked the twist, Gary. I can barely express how much fun I’ve had writing this story, or how much this twist (and everything else) has me excited to tell the whole tale.

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